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Beijing Brilliance International (BBI) is a leading express postal service provider, to all enterprises and individual clients for a full range of courier and postal services. BBI, with its Headquarter in Beijing, provide efficient delivery network in Europe and Asia, and is expanding the operating distribution of the most significant optimization of network performance around the world. Select BBI, your needs of express and logistics services at home or abroad can be met by one company.
BBI offers Europe / USA / Japan / Korea / Taiwan, and other features dedicated air express service. The fast air express delivery and service shall meet the transport time-critical tasks.

Acting as an agent, BBI works for EMS domestic and international express delivery, and DHL, TNT, UPS, FEDEX and other international express service, as well as the convenient and cost-effective international business services.

As an agent, BBI provides international air freight and ocean shipping, customs clearance, commodity inspection, transportation and other services to meet all your transport requirements of the global air and ocean services.

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